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Services - production and custom packaging

Production and custom packaging of tea

We offer production and custom packaging, black aromatized tea, fruit and herbal tea; custom packaging services using our own materials or materials provided by our partners.

Herbaty - surowiec

Herbaty - surowiec

Loose tea (leaf, granulated tea) and other loose products, for ex.: grains, roasted grains, flax seed, sunflower seed. Packed in cellophane bags. Additional possibility of packing in cardboard box. Weight: 50g, 80g, 100g. Dependent on client’s requirements.


Bagged tea in sachets:

  • rounded, diameter: 68 mm.
  • in shape of a flower, apple etc.
  • rectangular, dimensions: 47x 66 mm
  • rectangular „twins” – 2 linked sachets that can be divided easily. Total dimensions: 122x76 mm

Wzory saszetek pływających

Sachets with tag:

  • One-chambered, dimensions 40x60 mm

Saszetki z przywieszką

Lengthen sachets in dimensions: 47x120 mm, used for preparing infusions in teapot. Each one can be packed and sealed in cellophane bag for freshness and aroma.

Wydłużone saszetki

Sachets with tags, packed in envelope

  • two-chambered, sachet dimensions: 45x60 mm, envelope dimensions: 63x74 mm
  • two-chambered, sachet dimensions: 45x60 mm, without metallic staples, wrapped in foil envelope, foil envelope dimensions:  63x74 mm

Saszetki z przywieszką i kopertką

Saszetki z przywieszką i kopertką

Tea in big sachets made from fliseline or filter paper (weight. 50g, for example). For use in catering, institutional food services and cosmetic treatment (herbal baths).

Herbaty w dużych saszetkach z filiseliny i bibuły

Herbaty w dużych saszetkach z filiseliny

Maximal net weight of material in sachets depends on assortment and structure of tea or herbs. Sachets are packed in cardboard boxes, containing 20, 25, 50, 80 or 100 pieces.

kartoniki - herbaty

Packaging of loose products

Custom packaging of loose products:

  • in flat metallized sealed bags,
  • standing bags like doypack, stabilno.

Konfrkcjonowanie produktów sypkich -saszetki do kawy

Konfrkcjonowanie produktów sypkich -saszetki do kawy

  • bricked, resealable pack with clip

Opakowania stojące ze struną

Fruit syrups

Artifex Company offers production of fruit syrups in glass bottles or plastic containers.

Granulated drinks, instant drinks

Granulated tea with natural fruit extracts, without preservatives. In flavors of lemon, raspberry and forest fruits, packed in stabiloback metallized bags.

Napoje herbaciane z dodatkiem soków owocowych

We offer also the production of granulated tea drinks, instant drinks (coffee, tea and fruit drinks in powder for vending machines).